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Date: May 1, 2002

Regarding  "Stalker DVD exchange"


We are (RBC Computers, Inc.) perhaps the only retailer in US who distribute Stalker DVD for North American market.


After a large discussion on your web-site regarding a wrong sound track on RUSCICO Stalker DVD release, we started to receive many inquires from people who already bought this item from our on-line store and would like to replace it.


Occasionally, we discovered that RUSCICO sent you a letter, in which guaranties that we, as a retailer would make an exchange.


RUSCICO did not provided us with this information on time. So we found what we must do only from RUSCICO letter posted on your web-site. After several attempts to elicit this information from RUSCICO, they confirmed that we are responsible for all replacements. RUSICO did not explain even who is responsible for forwarding expenses.


However, shipping of wrong edition to Moscow and paying for shipping of the right copies from Moscow to NY, RUSCICO expected to charge from us.


Despite the above-mentioned facts we decided to make an exchange upon 2nd edition is available.


However, after that the next shipment of Stalker DVD from RUSCICO to us was arrested by US Customs in Newark airport (New Jersey). As we were informed US Customs accused RUSCICO in illegal publishing of a trademark "DVD Video" on covers of all DVD editions.


RUSCICO still is not able to provide with satisfactory proof of legal right to publish this trademark.


This shipment was prepaid and RUSCICO refused to compensate our loss.


Even now, when the question with a trade marks "DVD Video" is still unresolved, RUSCICO enforces us to prepay all orders and does not guaranties that next shipments will not be arrested at the US Customs.


As an effect of this impossible business relationship with RUSCICO, we are not able to make an exchange of Stalker DVD and advise you to contact RUSCICO for additional information for a replacement procedure.



RBC Computers, Inc.

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